beef picanha with rice and salads, Walter and Monty

beef picanha with rice and salads, Walter and Monty

After launching last summer as a street food outfit at East London's premium street food market, Night Tales, Walter and Monty (not their real names) set up shop at a permanent site right next to the Gherkin in 2016, quickly earning the status of 'The City's backstreet grill'.

Redefining the BBQ cookout, they became an instant hit with local suits and peckish tourists enjoying their fine meats. And even today, there's still a street food vibe as you snake past the fired-up BBQ and decide what to go for.

It's pretty simple. Pick between a flatbread, or my preference, the salad box, which you can fill with rice and all manner of freshly prepared fancy salads. Then top it off with one of their banging sauces and some glorious grilled goods - think beef picanha, lamb, chicken or halloumi.

I went straight for the beef with chilli and lime sauce, and didn't look back. I also barely finished it - for £7.50 you will be royally stuffed. I promise. Going for halloumi will bring the price down to £6. You can super size that for another £1.50 if you so wish, but it's really not necessary.

There's plenty of seating inside and out, or you can wander round to find even more al fresco spots outside the Gherkin.

Words and photography | Matt Hickman

Walter and Monty near The Gherkin

Walter and Monty near The Gherkin


Bury Court EC3A 7BA

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Mon - Fri | 11.30am - 2.30pm

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Last updated | 5th Sept 2016