Five things for under £8

Five things for under £8

"Authentic Japanese food at attractive prices in the heart of London since 1992", is what you'll find emblazoned on Tokyo Diner's homepage. Along with a curiously addictive live feed from a webcam in the ground floor dining space.

Down to the traditional Japanese noren (curtain divider) marking the entrance, to the high number of Japanese diners, this place is about as authentic as a cheap and cheerful restaurant on a Tokyo side street gets. Expect a variety of simple, but satisfying native meals, together with a small selection of sushi and sashimi

They have a few lunchtime deals available from 12pm - 6pm Mon - Fri. And if you order during their 'quiet period' (3-6pm), there's a further £1 off what are already very good value meals. From this selection, you can get the aubergine age bitashi - where roasted aubergines are soaked in cold dashi stock - with miso, rice (an extra big portion for free if you want - just don't waste it) , pickles and a seaweed salad for £7.20.

Whilst they are often busy, they have over 100 seats across three floors, so even if they happen to be full, it won't be a long wait until something frees up - a lot of customers are regulars and pop in for a speedy meal.

As is typical of Japanese culture, they don't accept tips. Which means no service charge added - hooray.

They are usually open 365 days a year from 12 - 12, but at the time of writing, they are closed on Mondays due to staff shortages.  Also, cash only.

Words and photography | Leyla Kazim


2 Newport Place, WC2H 7JJ

Opening hours
Tues - Sun | 12pm - midnight
Currently closed on Mondays 

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Tel | +44 (0) 20 7287 8777

Last updated | 18th November 2015