A Londoner born and bred, I've spent 95% of my life in this great city. Apart from most of 2015 when I spent eight months travelling around the rest of our glorious planet.

A photographer and writer, and a lover of far-off lands and all things gustatory living in Greater Wimbledon (aka Colliers Wood), my whole life is focused around food and dining.

It's how I earn my living, how I spend my free time, and what dictates the countries I choose to visit.

There are few places I'm happier than in a restaurant, be that behind a lens or with wine and friends.

To the good times. 

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1. Where do you call home?
The SW London depths of Mitcham, or what I like to call Greater Wimbledon 🎾

2. By day / night you are?
A photographer and writer / already thinking about what's for breakfast 🍳

3. How many times do you eat out a week?
2 - 3

4. What are your favourite London haunts for food and drink?
Korean in New Malden. It has the highest population of Korean expats in the whole of Europe = great Korean food

5. What would your final meal be?
My mum's Mauritian roast beef with garlic and cloves, achar (hot pickled salad), and macaroni cheese. Or an authentic carbonara with just egg yolk, guanciale, Pecorino and black pepper. But enough so I could swim in it first 🏊

6. What would you cook if you had friends coming over?
A heart-clogging three cheese lasagne with tiramisu is my fail safe. But if I have time, a full Turkish spread complete with homemade dolma, borek (cheese-stuffed pastry), cacik (yoghurt dip) and koftes 🍝

7. If you could eat at any restaurant in London, money being no object, where would it be?
Not in London, but I really want to eat at The Fat Duck

8. What food people, famous or otherwise, do you most admire and why?
I really enjoy Dave Hagerman's food photography. Especially because a lot of them are gorgeous pictures of food in Turkey, which drives me insane. Because it's some of the best food in the world 📷

9. What's the last thing you ate before answering these questions?
Fried egg on toast with cavolo nero 👊

10. What is your all time favourite #‎londoncheapeats‬?
The massive gozleme stuffed with spinach, feta and sucuk (spicy beef sausage) from Turkish Gozleme Company who have a stand at Whitecross Street Market. It often defeats me, and it's only £5 😀