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1. Where do you call home?
Sydenham – if you know where that is (South East London)

2. By day / night you are?
Sitting in front of a computer screen loving Excel / trying to get my soul back through food 💻

3. How many times do you eat out a week?
3 - 4

4. What are your favourite London haunts for food and drink?
Locally I love 161 Food + Drink in Sydenham, and Sylvan Post and St David Coffee House in Forest Hill. More generally, I love a good food market so places like Maltby Street, Druid Street Market, Street Feast etc are just my ticket 👍

5. What would your final meal be?
Buffalo wings to start, fatty and juicy ribs, a nice burger with a side of sweet potato fries, then finish with Shakfuyu’s Kinako French toast. All washed down with a continuous stream of Hawksmoor cornflake milkshakes. This would have to be my final meal because there's no way I'd survive it 

6. What would you cook if you had friends coming over?
Pulled pork burritos with quadruple cooked chips. Or, a nice big mac and cheese 🍝

7. If you could eat at any restaurant in London, money being no object, where would it be? 
Restaurant Story – it’s my favourite and the menu is always awesome 👑

8. What food people, famous or otherwise, do you most admire and why?
Growing up in a Chinese restaurant, it was the kitchen staff and my mother at home who influenced my views on food and made me appreciate how much work went into cooking 🍜

9. What's the last thing you ate before answering these questions?
A packet of Sainsbury Rough Oatcakes. Legit 👊

10. What is your all time favourite #londoncheapeats?
That’s like asking me to choose between Britney and Christina – there is no right answer 💅