I'm a through-and-through techie, working as a software developer for an AdTech firm from NYC and living in SW London by way of Tonbridge, Kent. I'm a lover of food, travel, photography and science, but I mostly make fun things with code! There's always time for a meal out though.

Like a walking stereotype of developers, I'm a bit of a coffee fiend. I normally grab my fix from Curators Coffee Gallery on Margaret Street in the form of a double macchiato. Or two.

I'm partial to a special at Honest and can usually be found trawling bars and pubs with Matt, looking for the funkiest of sour beers. Oh and meat. Give me all of the meat. Especially the BBQ'd kind. Yum.

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1. Where do you call home?
Leafiest, beautifulest Stockwell

2. By day / night you are?
Software developer in Ad tech / Food-obsessive, wannabe travel photographer 📷

3. How many times do you eat out a week?
Two to four times. The amount I *should* be exercising 🏊

4. What are your favourite London haunts for food and drink?
I regularly head to Pop Brixton; Hook Camden specials and gyozas from Koi Ramen being firm favourites 🎣

5. What would your final meal be?
Bring me a Sat Bains / Shake Shack special, a bottle of Cantillon Saint Lamvinus and a heap of McDonald's fries 🍟

6. What would you cook if you had friends coming over?
Given enough time, slow-smoked baby back ribs with celery and apple slaw. BYO, mate 🍷

7. If you could eat at any restaurant in London, money being no object, where would it be?
Long overdue a visit to Dinner by Heston 👑

8. What food people, famous or otherwise, do you most admire and why?
Rick Stein, for living the dream, Heston, for pushing the boundaries and Matt Preston for ludicrous outfits. And cravats 👔

9. What's the last thing you ate before answering these questions?
Gail's Bakery potato and rosemary sourdough bread, lightly toasted, smothered with Philly cheese and a layer of lapsang souchong smoked salmon

10. What is your all time favourite #londoncheapeats?
Any of the gyozas from Koi Ramen at Pop Brixton 👍